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Hello, I'd like to be precise in calling one "editable online database" page :
can I call it "dynamic page," what's the relation with this "object" and the .php format/language ?
Thank you.

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Ciao Alessandro,

I’m not sure I understand your question, but I’ll try.

Usually a database (which is where stuff is stored) is editable via a Web application (which is the program that actually takes the input from the database, presents it to the user and sends it back to the database once it’s been edited) that is written in a programming language (in the case of pages ending with .php, that language is called PHP, but theoretically any programming language could do it). A Web application is made of dynamic pages in the sense that you usually write a generic page that can edit/display content items of the same kind.

So the page were you edit stuff is actually a part of the Web application that lets you edit data stored in a database. It’s called Web application because you do this through HTML forms in your browser, visiting a Web page, instead of a graphical user interface (GUI) on your own machine.

I’m sorry if it sounds convoluted, I can clarify further aspects if needed. Does this help in any way?


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verbosus summed it up well. Yes, "dynamic page" typically refers to a web page that's connected to the DB in some form.

A dynamic page, via that definition, would have to be built using some server-side programming language, such as PHP.

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Much appreciate.

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