(x) New UPS corporate face - UPS Sans (FF Dax rip-off) {Sam Schlesinger}

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Hi guys,

Just curious what the new typeface ups is using...



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UPS uses a custom, but it looks very much like a tweaked FF Dax.

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If you search google for UPS & Dax you will see there was a lawsuit. It's a rare happy ending. Ch ch ch check it out.

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Yves calls it a FF Dax rip-off.


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Let's say that there is one chance in a gazillion that so many Bézier node points match up exactly. :^P People who saw my presentation at Typo Berlin or ATypI know what I'm talking about. Triangulation and chance mathematics, that's all there is to it.

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What's up with my name in the title?
looks like a typo... if not here than where i guess ...

Is there any way of contacting the site administrators to fix it?
Haven't found any contact info.

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What’s your problem? You get credited when you ID a font.

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your name is in the title because you IDed the font first.

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Is there a typo in your name? I copied it literally from your profile, so it should be OK, no?

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