Splendid Grotesk

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I'm planning to digitize this typeface, I was wondering if you have ever heard of, seen, or know any existing digital versions of it?
My quick searches have only found talk of a script called Splendid, so I assume that if this grotesk design has already been converted it might be under a different name.

In the old type sample book I found, 'Splendid Grotesk' exists only in this "extended" form and in three different boldnesses. In the book there is separately another grotesk called 'Accidens' [sic] so I don't think it actually is from the same family.

This thin extended Akzidenz grotesk Here seems to come very close to 'Splendid', but is given away by the lower case 'e'.
Also, the bolder Splendids unfortunately not pictured here are even more distinctive from Akzidenz.
The Akzidenz also lacks this special retro grotesk vibe I find exciting and rare in digital fonts nowadays...which can also be a regional thing and common to unique finnish grotesks designed for an occasion in 1920-1950 or something.

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It looks similar to Adrianna, but the proportions look a little better. It's sort of like an Engravers Gothic that's been Gothamized.

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I'd say Titling Gothic was closest...


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Hi Erkki,

This looks like a typeface often found around 1900 under various names and from different foundries. They all got the "pre-fab" matrizes from Wagner & Schmidt, Leipzig (maybe they even made it to finland).
Seemann's Handbuch der Schriften (handbook of typefaces) lists Splendid-Grotesk on p. 203 as a face by the typefoundry W. Woellmer, Berlin. It is nearly identical with f.e. Breite halbfette Favourit-Grotesk (bold extended) by Weisert, Aurora-Grotesk by Weber, Edel-Grotesk by Wagner, Klassische Grotesk by Trennert, Elite-Grotesk by Poppelbaum Vienna, Viktoria-Grotesk by John, Merkur-Grotesk by Butter and Akzidenz-Grotesk by Haas, Switzerland. This last one should not be confused with Bertholds AG.

That is at least, what I can guess from the Word "Hamburg".

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You can check all of those online at ‘Der digitale Seemann’, as this reference book is a part of Lars Kähler’s Global Type project.

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Nebiolo, the biggest and most famous (defunct) Italian type foundry of the XX century used to have a version of the typeface you’re looking for, it was called Narciso. There’s a picture of a specimen in this past typophile thread.

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Thank you all very much, Splendid does seem to be from Wilhelm Woellmer Foundry (marked "W.W." in my type specimen book, and precisely credited in another). Narciso looks pretty much identical, plus the sample image Verbosus posted includes some lower case glyphs that my sample book didn't have.

This all has been very helpful. further comments are still appreciated of course!

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Good luck with your revival!

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Have a look at the AT Gothic Extended:

It comes close...

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Hi All.
I’m planning to digitize this 2 typefaces that I found in old correspondance.
I was wondering if you have ever seen anything similar ou identical?

Thanks in advanced

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I'm sorry to post this here!
It was a mistake...I really wanted to open a new forum topic...sorry!


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