Gee, how did you learn that?

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Ok, I just had to share this - and I know a few of you out there will thoroughly enjoy it.

I was asked by a business acquaintance to help out a new, startup accounting firm in our area. She showed me their "brochure" (if you or I dare to call it that) and said, "See, he needs a lot of help."

So I sat down, and selected a typeface - one that was a true condensation that would allow for his whole company name to go one line (very long name) and still be "readable." After I edited his piece, put it together, I showed where I was up to -- to my acquaintance. She looked at it and said, "boring," not realizing it was just the draft of getting the editorial together in clean type (he used Arial for his heads - condensed nauseously, and Bodoni Condensed, all caps for his body copy.... yucky.

This morning, hubby was kind enough to make a lovely beige background and we embossed his initials into it, as well as embossing the pertinent bits on his "front cover."

Well, he received it via email (gee, not like the old days...) and promptly called. He loved the cleanliness of it (but wanted to see a this and a that) and wanted to know how I selected the typeface.

Of course, the only answer I could think of, was, I didn't go to school to become an accountant, and I worked with some of the best art directors New York has ever seen. A great "apprenticeship" program, better than working in a bull pen somewhere. Also, I told him stories of Mort Solomon (anyone remember him aka Solomon's Souvenir, used by Fisher-Price for years?) and how Mort would come into class and say things like, "Ok, you are going to make wedding invitations for some hippy couple - quick, what typeface do you use?"

Hope you are enjoying your chuckle too... gee, how did we all learn to do what we do so well.... LOL

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Nice, Jackie. This reminds me of Paula Scher talking about how she came up with the Citibank logo:

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