typface design: creating modules

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Hello everyone!
I am a graphic design student and I have been working on a typeface. After discussing concept and sketches it was approved and I am finally working on its creation on Adobe Illustrator. I am having a hard time since it's not a bitmap font unlike our old projects. I have read articles on typeface modules; unfortunately I haven't found any that could help me with this design. I would appreciate any tip regarding this project and I am looking forward for comments on my design. Please note it is based on the retro fonts used in old movie posters as well as those flashy arcade fonts. Find below some of the letters I am using as the foundation to my modules.

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The basic idea of a modular design is to draw a series of key letter shapes, then cut and paste sections of them to make up the rest of your character shapes. For example, if you first design an I, that basic shape can define the vertical stroke for the rest of your caps that have vertical strokes, as well as the standard terminal shape (serif or not).

There are of course other modular methods. Here is a simple example of a grid module method:


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Thank you for your reply cuttlefish I have already checked this website before starting my project the only ``problem" I am facing is how to handle curves, and specifically their angles since this design is a funky one. http://briem.ismennt.is/2/2.3.4a/ handles a more geometrical shape. Any tips on that specific matter? Any comments regarding the typeface design?

Again, Thanks

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