Best font of the 70's? opinions please!

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Hi everyone

I've been given an assignment for my typography module to find a font from the 1970's. Its quite hard to find a site which lists fonts in chronological order of design so i was wondering if anyone on here could recommend some great fonts from that decade. Something iconic and perhaps away from the groovy psychadelic style fonts that immediately spring to mind.

Thanks a lot!


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MyFonts has great search engines for this sort of thing.

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Iconic seventies fonts:

Lubalin Graph
Pump but not pump bold, that's 80s
American Typewriter
Motter Umbra
Glaser Stencil Bold

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typodermic - great name, great reply!
thanks a lot

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Its quite hard to find a site which lists fonts in chronological order of design

Yes, sometimes you need to unglue yourself from the computer to do research -- the horror, the horror!


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i've got no problems with hitting the library, love it in fact, stops me having to pay £15 to read baseline! its just the library isnt open on sunday nights. although it should be!

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To me, the 1970s are represented by Avant Garde. ITC was on the way, Carnarse, Lubalin, Benguiat were in top form, Photolettering was great. Avant Garde was new, had lots of alternatives so it didn't have to look like the same face being set over and over again -- and it has held up.

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Weren't the 70s the hyday for Souvenir? (At least that is the period of time when I liked it.)

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And let's not forget Cooper Black, Bookman Swash, Bauhaus, University Roman, and basically anything ITC (oops I realize you already said that Jackie).

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So many great suggestions. Think i'm going to go with one of the ITC ones, they are so distinctive without being anything like the stereotypical 70's fonts you see around.
Thanks guys!

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Please do us a favor when you are referring to the 1970s - it's '70s

The "S" is for the pluralization of seventies -- it is not for the possessive...

The hyphen is a space holder for the 19...


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The hyphen is a space holder for the 19...

You do mean the apostrophe, don't you Jackie?

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ok Jackie, I'll do you that favour as long as you start spelling favour correctly ;)

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as long as you start
And thereafter?

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thereafter she can try her best to maintain said spelling alteration until i refer to the 1970s as the 70's again! lol

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No Patty I mean when you use '70s that hyphen is a space holder for the 19 you didn't use for 1970s.

And yes Mr. Jono - I did learn to spell with favour and neighbour - and when I am back in England, I shall look forward to spelling that way again. Meanwhile, back in the colonies....

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Jackie - what hyphen? It's the apostrophe that is a space holder for the 19 not a hyphen. Boy are we type geeks or what?

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Colonies?! We won. G. Washington, Cornwalis, Yorktown, etc.

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Do most typographres call apostrophes hyphens?

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No, apostrophes are apostrophes and hyphens are hyphens.

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I agree Patty - though Ehague, sometimes as a typographer, I found myself talking in grunts and one syllable words. No one around, there was no need to communicate - just make that type look good, and the equipment "sing."

It has been a rough week and I'm glad I have any memory at all... which is more than I can say for my mac.
The drive crashed yesterday -- I took it to an Island Guru (funny, because so many Mac folks here count on me) he couldn't help, so he put me in touch with his IBM Guru - who couldn't get the drive to show a "signature" and therefore, it was a goner...

I went to dinner, had a drink - came home, talked it over with my computer. I then realized, I'd been trying to reinstall the system folder from the original G5 disks - no no - I got out X-TIGER and went to work By 8:18pm (a whole 14 hours later) my computer is back up and running the best I've seen it run in ages.

Meanwhile, the new drive has arrived - but I need to finish my workload before I'd consider swopping it out...

Sorry for the hyphen instead of apostrophe - it really is tiredness, frustration, etc. etc.

Meanwhile, congrats on being the most prolific poster on typophile today - with 88 -- wahoooo.

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