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Hi all!
I'm thinking in develop a new typeface.
After some reasearch and studies I found in an old Portuguese Pharmacie lettering (60/70's). Quiet nice and decided to do a "similar" typeface with some personal adjustments and "feelings".
But since the ideia from an lettering I dont want to waste my time in develop something that already exist (and there is a lot of typefaces outhere).
Once again I added something personal but I want to know (from your expertise) if there is something like the letters that I designed.
Its just a first studie. Any ideias/critics welcome.


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It's similar in style to Hubert Jocham's Milk but even so it still looks good. I like it (and I'm going to buy Milk soon).

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There is also Wubble, but don't let that prevent you from pursuing something similar.

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Thats for the comments!
Yes, its similar in style to Hubert Jocham’s Milk...didn't know thst typeface
But like "both" of you said "don’t let that prevent you from pursuing something similar" and in fact I already had designed some letters that are quiet diferent. That a look and give me your feedback.

Another interesting point I could ask now is: I'm design the letter in my favorite drawing tool (freehand). Already made some search about the best way (price/quality) in software to produce fonts. Is FontForge a good soft? I dont want to spend money in a software, like FontLab Studio or Fontographer that I will use a couple of times...

Thanks for the input.


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