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Hi Everybody,

In a few weeks I will be in NYC.
Can anyone tell me about nice bookstores specialized in graphic design and typography?

Thanks a lot

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ZAKKA is always good, although it just moved from Manhattan out to Dumbo in Brooklyn – really close to Manhattan though, so don't let that deter you.

They have a fantastic design book + magazine collection + some great tshirts and a huge selection of Japanese (I think) publications, toys, and apparel.

Also, I think PHAEDON just opened a store in soho... or one of those big name design book publishers... I want to say it is on West Broadway somewhere between Grand St. and Spring Street.

Have fun!

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Check out the bookstore list on the TypoWiki.

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I like St. Mark's Bookstore.. on 3rd ave and .. Stuyvesant?

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The shop in Soho is a Taschen bookstore, I believe (unless Phaidon has also opened up a shop), so it probably won't be worth spending much time there. They will stock their own publications exclusively, most of which are available at any of the big chain bookshops. The Cooper-Hewitt has a good selection, and is worth the trip (2 interesting exhibitions on as well—Piranesi and Ingo Maurer). The MoMA design stores have some books as well, though their main bookshop in the museum is very weak (or was when I was last there).
Have fun!

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I like St. Mark’s Bookstore.. on 3rd ave and .. Stuyvesant?

It's actually Third Avenue and 9th Street, although Stuyvesant is nearby. (I like it, too, by the way!)

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Thanks for the reactions.
Looking forward to visit New York,
and get some nice books off course.

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I used to love the Dia bookstore but it closed awhile back. And the late great Untitled bookstore on Prince street is now a store specializing in doggie treats.

Definitely check out the Urban Center on Mad. Ave.

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Not bookstores - but art stores. Sam Flax had a large collection of type books (I'm talking 1990s - things change) so did ohhhh was it Art Brown - gosh too long ago - memory definitely clearing out trivial stuff from New York on me...

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Talas has an excellent selection of books on type as well as bookbinding, calligraphy, conservation, etc. as well as being a book arts supply house.

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