Mac Font = Adriatic - Need a copy of font file

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Hi -

I am working on something for a local charity and they have always used a Mac font called Adriatic.

I use PC - not Mac - but also use Crossfont to convert Mac fonts to PC but no one has been able to give me a font file - and I cannot find the font anywhere

It was created by NovelFonts! Corp but I cannot locate them either

Can anyone help me?

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i am uploading sample of font

thankssample of adriatic font

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Yep, we 've got it. We can't remember where it came from but we've got it.

It's on a CD called Expresiv Fonts/Ornate Fonts collection...

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Um, I'll bite. So we've got this mystery CD that's been around our office since the dawn of time and obviously, we don't know what the deal is license-wise... quite possibly, my partner bought it on eBay...

would it be inappropriate/illegal for me to offer to email Kate the font, should she be unable to otherwise acquire it?

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put it on eBay and I'll buy it from you!

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Why even go through the hassle of putting it on eBay?

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well - i need to get this file - i need to do this brochure for charity event - there is no financial gain to me in getting this font as I am donating my tie - can someone please help me?

many thanks

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email me ...

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Sorry to revisit this post from 2004, but when searching for the font Adriatic in google this post is the only result. Does anyone know where I can purchase this font or where it is available?

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Hi Mike,

in case you are looking for alternatives, have a look at this thread:

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I'm fascinated by this design. Could it be the result of using Font Chameleon to interpolate Times and Meridien? Or even doing the interpolation in Fog or Flab? It definitely seems to be that kind of sub-intentional novelty. Who did it? When? Some forgotten drudge?

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Thanks Florian,
I will start using an alternative for new stuff and try and transition all of the existing files over.

But if any one does see this and knows/finds out where Adriatic can be purchased, either mac or pc, I don't care, please post to this thread and let us all know.

Thanks again,

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Nobody seems to know anything about this font; it appears to be abandonware, and rightly so.

However, I seem to have located a Mac copy, so anyone who wants it, mail me, with the proviso of course that if we ever find out there is a legitimate rightsholder, all the right things will be done. As there is so little information available, it seems unlikely. The copyright info lists "Novel Fonts! Corporation" (exclamation not excluded). This appears to be a very difficult-to-find entity.

One thing surprises me: the data points are astonishingly good.

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Hi, billtroop. We recently inherited a project that also requires this typeface. A quick Google search came up with this thread. I can't see a way to email you, but if you could find it in your heart to send along a copy of the typeface to me, I'd sure appreciate it!

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It's in the mail. Isn't it astounding that nobody knows its provenance? I wish I still had a working copy of Font Chameleon - - I swear it's an interpolation of Times and Meridien. As I said before, the digitization is most remarkably clean, adding to the mystery.

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Hi billtroop,

Much like mikegeek, I stumbled across this thread via a Google search. I've inherited a project that uses Adriatic as the primary font for this company's identity, and much like everyone else in this thread, I cannot find it any where. Could I possibly get a copy of the font? It would be extremely appreciated. Thanks kindly!

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What an astonishing piece of crap! And a company uses this as an identity?

Bill, it is way too Latin for the interpolation you're suggesting.

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Ryan, it's in the mail. Will I be remembered to type history as the fence for this notorious font?

James, that was just a wild guess. Given that the digitization is very clean, very competent, can you possibly guess how or by whom this font might have been created? I wonder if Rich Roat would know . . . . I wish I had a working copy of Chameleon - - . . . . anyway, you must admit it is attention-getting.

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Hey, I also need the Adriatic font...I am on a PC so if you can send me a copy in pc...perfect. If not, would you please send it in an sitx file?

Thank you!!

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I remember the "Expresiv Fonts" collections from the mid-90s. They were at least two, and perhaps three or more, all of pretty poor quality as I recall (and certainly this one bears that out). I have a vague recollection of examining them for a project I was considering in late 1994 or early 1995 involving cataloging knockoffs. (Which I abandoned for several reasons, including that such information could be used for evil as well as good.)

A little checking shows that FontChameleon 1.0 was getting reviewed in May 1994, so dates seem about right. However, in the sample shown above, the lack of overshoot, the exaggerated serif length, the serif shapes, and the "jiggly" tops of certain letters are all inconsistent with the results of using FontChameleon in the process of creating the font. Remember, FontChameleon would blend *all* the features at the elemental/particulate level, not just take some features from each of the two fonts. This is much more like the latter approach.

Some of the features could have been done by taking something output from FontChameleon and then doing lots of editing... but you wouldn't likely lose the overshoots of the rounds that way. So, I think it's just a badly executed font. (Not that the concept was necessarily bad... can't remember if this sort of thing had already been done to death back then.)

I must get to sleep now.



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Thomas is right, I have been trying to remember what Chameleon blends were like, and it is true that you would never get these effects. I wish we could all play with Chameleon again, I shall have to set up a Win95/98 machine or something. It's amazing how tasteful the results are -- and how ultimately useless. Does anyone remember if Chameleon 2 was ever released, with ascender/descender control? I don't think I ever had that version. So could this be the result of a simple PS blend? Perpetua and Modern? (grasping at straws) -- or what about some of the neat built-in and programmable effects in Fontlab 2/2.5?

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Thread drift!

I am not sure about Chameleon 2... I might be confusing it in my head with 1.5 which was definitely released. That's the version which added italics support. But neither David nor I remembers a later version of the retail product being on the market.

(Side note: internally in the Chameleon editor the way the italics worked was kinda whack. They were actually edited in upright form, and then slanted at the last minute. This was pretty workable for trying to make an italic that imitated an existing "normal" font because you'd start by unslanting it and sticking it in the background. But if you wanted to use Chameleon as a means of creating a new design, well, it was a pretty bizarre way to work with your italics.)


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Hi billtroop, looks like your the only man on the internet that has the answer. Can you drop the font to me in email, and if anyone finds a rightsholder please let me know.
Thanks a ton,

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Moderator's skeptical statement:

While I do understand that someone might genuinely need Adriatic I cannot believe that so many people need it. And I say need with force and emphasis. But, whatever, glad we can help.

It is not the habit of Typophile to condone font sharing on any level. Bill and I have discussed this and I really wish he wouldn't have ever admitted to having it. That said, please do not post to this thread if you need the font. Contact Bill directly through his user page.

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