Web standard font to go with Chaparral

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I'm redesigning my personal webpage which consists mainly of a blog on energy policy issues. I'm an academic by day so the content is fairly serious but I try to keep it readable and `fun' (as fun as energy policy can be). The redesign is also part of a wider project to design a standard look for all my professional stationary (letterhead, reports, and so on).

For the body text of these documents, I've decided on Adobe's Chaparral Pro. It's got a nice reliable look to it but it's not as serious as more traditional academic publishing fonts (e.g. Palatino). However for the web page I'm a bit stuck.

Obviously Chaparral isn't a commonly installed browser-safe font and I can think of a reason for using almost any of the three alternatives:

  1. A serif: serious, academic, reliable, all that good stuff
  2. A sans: well-set it can look trustworthy and perhaps it's good to be a bit more relaxed on the web
  3. A monospace: Lucida Console or Courier echoes the shape of Chaparral to some extent, but probably inappropriate for longer posts.

Any thoughts?

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1. Georgia
2. Lucida Grande/Lucida Sans

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I second Lucida Sans.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I'll do some mock-ups and post back when things are up and running.

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