Fonts that include the Long S?

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Which font types include the Long S?




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Is there a particular style of typeface that you are looking for? This might help narrow down the answer to your question, as I believe the long s is a standard addition to most character sets.

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I think Adobe ID's which fonts have historical forms on their site. You'll need an OpenType savvy app to access them.

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A lot of opentype fonts include it under Historical Forms.

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Adobe Caslon, Hoefler Text, Adobe Jenson, Caslon 540…

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Well, is there a particular shortcut in windows? I.e. Alt 146 will generate: Æ.


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The long s in Arial is especially strange. Minion Pro, Garamond Premier, & Book Antiqua, Times New Roman on my Windows machine all have it. Myriad Pro doesn't. It wasn't part of the standard Type 1 encoding. You can even find it in Bickham Script Pro, but good luck reading it in a word.

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Yeah, I just looked at it, and it’s really bizarre in Arial, but it looks rather good in Times New Roman PS.


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Most font managers can help you look through your fonts for such forms. This screenshot is from Suitcase Fusion. I used Unicode Hex Input to type U+017F in the QuickType area and then looked through my fonts to see which ones would display correctly.

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Google will help you find OpenType fonts on which include Historical Forms. Click on a result and then click the "Historical Forms" link in the sidebar. That search method is a little clumsy right now, but very soon FontShop's own engine will allow searching by OT feature.

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In Windows type 017F alt+x

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>but very soon FontShop’s own engine will allow searching by OT feature.

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