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I'm trying to assemble some sort of an identity for my freelance graphics/web job. This is one bunch of prototypes (all the same main idea), utilising my initals (ÓSÓ). I like the fact that it's also an ambigram, but generally I don't think they really work. Any ideas? Or should I just pursue another direction altogether?

Oh yeah, you can just ignore the text in the lower right corner - I was just playing around drawing some letterforms on a grid. I might try and take that somewhere though, if this ambigram logo refuses to work.

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I think it's actually pretty striking. I'd keep working on it. I see a pair of eyes and even a bit of an infinity loop. When you've been given good initials to work with, sometimes you just need to go with it.

I would work them out in black and white first before delving into color, as that sometimes obscures your focus on the form. If I had to pick one, I'd say version 1. I'd like to see 1a and 1b out of the containing shape, though. You get a fairly interesting footprint created by the forms that is lost when you put it in the shape.

The only section that feels a little awkward to me is the very middle connection between the top right and bottom left arc. You might need to fudge the geometry a bit to make it feel right. Sometimes optically right is better than purely geometrically right, if that makes sense.

Keep going.

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Thanks for the input!

The curves of #1 are probably a bit sloppy, that's the only one I drew with the pen tool - the rest were done with concentric circles and liberal amounts of Pathfinder operations.

The idea with the bounding box was originally to try and use the negative space to assemble the logo, but it didn't work out so well, so I ended up extending the box. What irritated me about 1 and 2 was the abrubt cut-off on the sides, hence the revised versions. But I'll work on this a bit more. Appreciate the tips.

Funny you should mention a pair of eyes, though, as I've been using this silly mark to sign my pencil drawings for some time now (excuse the crappy digital photo crop, no scanner nearby at the moment):

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I love number one also. As Jon said, work on the curves

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