Another FontExplorer X problem

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For some reason FontExplorer X's AutoLoad keeps popping up in my System Preferences > Accounts > Login Items. Unfortenately this causes my Mac to hang during the startup process and forces me to start up in Safe Mode, remove the AutoLoad from the Login items and start up in normal mode again.
Even thought I disabled all auto-activation functionality in FontExplorer X's preferences the damned thing keeps showing up.

Any thoughts?


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I thought a solution might come up in this thread.


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Artur - your problem is different from mine, but you might try what I did, delete FontExplorer + the preferences file, and reinstall.

I don't mind Autoload even tho it does hang the startup a bit.

You can turn it off in Preferences tho.

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Hi Patricia,

I didn't want to hijack yout thread so I thought I'd create a new one.
But the solution might indeed work for both problems.


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