Quoting Custom Lettering

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I've recently been approached by somebody who does not want a custom font but custom lettered titles. I have no idea how many titles or how long the titles wil be.

The font doesn't exist, and I'm not sure if they have a specific lettering style in mind so it's totally from scratch.

They want a quote and I'm not sure how to quote this. Initially I was thinking per letter but duplicates would cost 1/2 as much since I've already created them.

So, the word - "Wood" would be 3 letters and 1 1/2 price letter.

I'm not sure if $50 per letter is reasonable, $25? I'm just fishing more than anything. Any suggestions?

Stuart :D

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1. You should have a base "minimum overhead" amount, and add per-letter amounts to that.
2. In lettering various "glyphs" of a letter don't have to be the same, and often making them different is the point; so keep it simple and charge per letter.

But the above is assuming they can't just tell you the total amount of work in advance. Why would this be the case?


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