Gill Sans Ultra Bold exclamation mark

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I've been using Gill Sans ultra bold lately.
I admire its peculiar aspect, founding it very legible in spite of its extraordinary weight. I am pretty sure Eric Gill took great fun in drawing some letters… do you agree?
I noticed a curious thing: the exclamation mark is made of a single form, the stem actually touching the dot.

Has anyone in mind other fonts in which the exclamation mark is made of a single shape? I'm very curious about this.

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Gill Sans ultra bold is indeed an odd bird, very unlike its family members in many ways. I can't think of other fonts that have the connected exclamation mark as this one does, but I'm sure something exists, or if it doesn't it soon will since you brought attention to it.

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It's really a rare phenomenon, and i think most designers try to avoid a one-contour form, but Rudolf Koch's Neuland (Linotype) has it too...

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Giacomo, did you know Gill nicknamed it Gill Sans Double-Elefans?

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Not strictly typography, but the exclamation mark on this Belgian roadsign is connected.

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Oh, I thought it said: Take care, baseball bat swingin’ Flemings on their way! ;°)

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