when I want to print - FONTLAB craches

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Hi there,

I'm having problems with fontlab (1. first time ever). I just changed my harddrive in my powerbook and now when I want to print FontLab craches?

Do any of you know why?


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I also had the problem of fontlab crashing when I tried to print something. I my case it happened, when the font info windows weren't containing any information.

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I have the same problem. Is there a solution for this?

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Have you filled out the Name information in Font Info? FontLab will crash on the Mac when attempting to print if this info is missing. My students recently went through this same dilemma when the ignored my advice on taking the time to name their font before they got too far into the development process.


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>I just changed my harddrive in my powerbook

Have you re-installed FontLab or copied it from your old hard drive? The latter case is not correct.


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