(x) Osynlig Design hairline italic serif - Marian 1554 {Akira}

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could be Marian 1570 by Paul Barnes.

see this thread.

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ohmigod i neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed this. NEED it.

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That is awesome.

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I really like it too but I see some issues I would fix if it were mine. Although maybe it was just set too tight...

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> Although maybe it was just set too tight

Yup, I guess that's the main problem here.

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To be precise, this is Marian 1554, not 1570. Eben, I'm curious to hear what issues you might fix, besides the obvious problems with the spacing. This layout appears to use some sort of automatic kerning - this spacing doesn't really reflect what I see in the actual font at all.

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For the uprights, you might like Silica Extra Light as a replacement.

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Hmm I probably spoke a bit over casually casually. Like that's never happened before. ;-) But I'll take the bait in hopes of learning more...

Assuming for the sake of argument that the spacing stayed the same - already something we know it should not - I would make the Cap T more narrow. I would drop the leg on the R to let the R get closer. The N & L might be more narrow. If the s is going to be so close it should tuck under the y. The various serif like ends like on the n - I would cut them back slightly.

But obviously I say all this quite advisedly because really I haven't seen the font as intended. For one thing there is very little of the lower case to go by. Does anybody know where I can see more? I have googled it & no dice. Christian, is there a PDF we could look at?

And what do you think?

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