Who made helvetica neue?

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Does anyone know if any specific type designers at linotype have taken credit for Helvetica Neue? I need this information for a project and can't find it anywhere. Thanks!

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The official answer is Foundry People as the design is credited to Linotype Design Studio.

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I'm not looking for official, i'm looking for actual. Apparently, John Hudson drew the Cyrillic, Greek, and Hebrew in 1983 when the font was issued. If anyone knows any further information about this, please help! thanks.

Thanks for trying sii

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1983 - are you sure?

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Probably thinking of the extensions released in 2004? Anyhow as a non-Lino employee John would have got a credit, foundry people usually don’t. One place to check would be design-patents, if these were applied for anyone significantly involved in the project should be named.

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John Hudson drew the Cyrillic, Greek and Hebrew for Helvetica Linotype, now called Helvetica World, released in 2004. This had nothing to do with Helvetica Neue. In 1983, John Hudson was in elementary school.

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Neue Helvetica was developed at D. Stempel, Linotype’s daughter company. The studio manager was Wolfgang Schimpf, his assistant Reinhard Haus. Manager of the project was René Kerfante. I was the design cosultant and designed the literature for the launch in 1983. Lots of small ads for the trade press, spelling HELVETICA, a weight a letter. And a brochure in A4. I was also involved in the discussions about applying the Univers nomenclature to Helvetica. Wolfgang Schimpf was the man who, in 1985, oversaw the digitization of PT55, later to be released as FF Meta.

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The long-inning players deliver! thank you! boy am I glad i didn't guess.

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thanks erik! you just made a colophon better in every regard. it's funny how hard it was to locate this info considering Helvetica's ubiquity and unique place in typography. those guys really deserve some credit. off to update the wikipedia page I go . . .

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How about updating the typowiki too?

Cheers, Si

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