Font problems between two computers. . .

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Working with ID CS3.0.1 -- job made up on one computer, move to another for final touches and printing -(both PC's...) the Times Roman font is not found, first computer a year or so older, font file looks identical... Older computer Has Times roman PS MT, newer just Times Roman. Havn't noticed another font doing anything like this. Can I ever get them to agree on Times Roman? And how>..? Million Thanks...

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can you embed the fonts in the file on the first PC? Or install the Times Roman version you want on the second PC?

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From what I see, the fonts are identical, everything I can find is exactly the same, size of file, name, file dates, attributes... why should I have to do this, with same OS, same ID version, same everything... we're just getting ID going (from Pagemaker...) and this is a set-back!
When you embed, (would have to learn how to...) can you make changes etc. without the hassle of the font name difference?

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Times New Roman PS MT is Monotype's version of TNR... The other one isn't -- i.e., it's from another manufacturer. I agree with Russell that you should just install both versions of the font on each of your PCs.

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I'd like to add to the suggestion made. Yes, put the other Times Roman on the other computer - but the addition is please remove the Times Roman that is residing there. You don't need any conflicts within the Times Roman family.

P.S. I'm on a MAC - and I have to live with a .Times Roman dfont in my system. I always kept my "families" of fonts in one suitcase, but thank's the the new system, can't do that. I must now how individual suitcases, and remove the conflicts. And FYI - there have been tons of conflicts with the Times New Roman!

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