Continuum with Baltic glyphs, what about cyrillic?

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It looks like I'm going to need Continuum (by Brøderbund Software) and set some text in Baltic languages with it (thankfully shortish ones). It's apparently a free font.

Is there a (commercial) version of this font with all the Baltic glyphs readily available, or do I have to make do with combinations? Which brings me to the next question, is there any better way in InDesign or Illustrator to add the tails etc to the letters than extensive kerning?

Sorry for the lack of correct terms, I mean this

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Continuum is a clone of Digital Sans, which appears to cover the Baltic glyphs.

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Thank you!

Is there a cyrillic version of the font, or something that would work with it?

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Maybe have a look at ParaType's Magistral.

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Thank you, Justin! You've been very helpful.

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Hi Mili,

Yes I had the exaxct same problem as you... Funny how these things work...


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