ID CS3 / Word Doc import snafu

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I'm getting some strange glyph transformations when importing Word docs into IDCS3. It's changing all single quotes, double quotes, apostrophes, en dashes and em dashes to various other glyphs.

The text is set in TNR in the Word doc and I'm applying a paragraph style set with Californian. I end up having to do a Find/Replace with every import.

Does anyone know how to solve this issue?

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Someone help me! I'm dying over here!

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How are you importing it? When I have to work with Word docs this is how I import:

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Thanks, Tiffany. I need to preserve styles and formatting because some text is in italic and some is bold. Plus, I just tried it with your settings and the same thing occurred. Very odd.

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Ah. No the settings I use preserve those styles. The styles it doesn't preserve are the "style sheets" which might be used in Word. I did a tri-lingual dictionary with all kinds of styles all ready applied in Word, trust me I needed those styles in tact. What I didn't want were any style sheets they might have applied.

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Which version of Word are you using? PC or Mac?
Have you tried saving the file as Rich Text Format (RTF), and import that instead?

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To follow up on Miguel's suggestion, save as RTF and then read the file created in Notepad. It may be that the odd character thinks it is something else, or is set to be the same color as the background, or something else that will be apparent in the RTF.

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When you apply the paragraph style, is that in Word or ID? That is to say, can you apply Californian to the Word document before importing it into ID? Also, is the TNR used in Word TrueType, OTF, or PS?

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Tiffany, I'll try your technique again. Maybe I did something wrong. With past versions of InDesign I was able to import Word docs and apply paragraph styles without losing bold or italic formatting and without having to deal with the glyph conversions.

Miguel, saving as RTF worked, but I fear the idea of having to do this with all Word docs. I work at a magazine where stories are all saved as Word documents.

Gus, The TNR is TrueType. And I'm applying the styles in Word. I could apply Californian to the Word document I guess. But doing so would be time consuming given the volume of stories.

Everyone, Thanks for your help.

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Did anyone come up with a definitive solution for this?

In my case, I have a PC user creating Word files and the quotes and apostrophes get converted to weird punctuation glyphs. The short term work around I found is to open the Word file in Word on the Mac, add a space and press save. From there it imports properly because I assume Mac Word did the keyboard conversion. It seems like InDesign does not do a good job translating the PC keyboard into the Mac version.

Any other suggestions would be appreciated!

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Michael, this could be a bug in InDesign's importing filters. Please send me a sample Word document that shows the problem and I'll look into it. Thanks.

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