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Hi all

The Christianity Explored logo is established and has been in use for some years now, so that’s not changing any time soon (to my knowledge).
However, the strapline ‘Time to Discover’ is a new addition.

In order to bring some 'relational' warmth to the CXP logo, we've attempted to go down the handwritten route. What do you think of these three routes?

- First option is using a font, 'SF Scribbled Sans' - a free download from

- Second and Third options are (digitally) handdrawn with Wacom and Illustrator CS3

Your feedback (positive or negative), would be much appreciated.

Thank you,


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I just can't get past the way they used the cross in the original logo. They put the x back in xmas.


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why are you disrepecting the very thing you are trying to promote
in other words why is the cross falling down when all other elements are "perfectly set"

i dont think any of the choices enhance the logo but if i were forced to make a choice i would go with the second option

good luck

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Carl didn't design the logo. As he said, it's been in use for quite a while.

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For me, hand-drawn beats free font every time. I prefer option 2 to 3, probably because of the tiny 'o's and curvy 'd'. I'd watch the kerning between "me" in "Time" though, and I'd suggest adding a dot to the 'i'.

- Lex

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Message to 'elms':

Thanks for your feedback re. the second option.

In response to your question, ‘why are you disrepecting the very thing you are trying to promote?’

Firstly as Sharon pointed out, I didn't design the Christianity Explored logo, and it is not currently up for change, as I mentioned in my original post. But even if I had designed it, I would have no problem with representing the cross like that. I think most Christians would agree it does not disrepect the Lord Jesus to show the cross at an angle, or even 'falling down'. The Lord Jesus himself fell down whilst carrying his cross to be crucified. We Christians believe it was the most amazing act of courage and self-sacrificial love this world has ever seen. And according to Jesus' own words in the Bible (John chapter 3 verse 16 to 36, for example), the way to disrespect him is not by how we visually represent his cross, rather it is to continue in unbelief, refusing to turn from our sin and accept him as Lord and follow him. I did that for many years myself, until 3.5 years ago he saved me by his amazing grace. Check out / for further information. May he bless you too, in his name, Carl.

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Thanks for your feedback Lex, much appreciated. Well spotted, good point about the kerning on the E.

Very sadly the client seems to have decided on the first option, which I never would have presented, but it came via the back door through the web designers.

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I never meant to offend, and am truly sorry if I have.

I did not realize that you were not the designer of the logo.
And I respect that one can interpret the cross as one sees fit.

I trust that you will continue to walk in the light.

Praises to our Awesome God!


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Hi elms

No offence taken! Thanks for getting back,

God bless,


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