What's your favourite rounded typeface?

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I like Ketchupa, although its not that rounded...


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My favorite is Omnes.

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Omnes...very nice! Sexy!

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didn't we have this discussion once before... ?

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Rounded? I thought I was wearing the wrong glasses.

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I'm thinking twice, at least. But I don't mind spreading the love for Omnes again. ;^)

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And the font is nice too.

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Gotham Rounded

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I like them all!

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Ketchupa's a favorite of mine, too.

I'm also partial to Frankfurter Highlight...

...and VAG Rounded...

...and Haley Feige's Teaspoon!

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Thanks everyone!

Omnes fits the bill perfectly!

Sauna is also quite lovely...

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I think from now on I'll only design rounded typefaces.

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