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what do you think? Does it suck totally?

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Please tell us what kind of clothing will Frand produce and for whoom.

I read Frano instead of Frand.


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t-shirts, for the "nerdy-hip" kids :-)

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I see Erano.

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Yes, I read FRAN

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I don't have Oeiller so I created the shapes in Freehand from scratch.

Maybe I should play with it a bit more...

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how about this d?

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post 13, option 2

complete the A, and fill all negative letter space with black.

What'll that look like?


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Besides the legibility problems in the original, I would point out that the "Frand Clothing" font is too strong - I think you need something much blander for that.


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open up the F too.

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not a bad thing I don't think - but just a tidbit -

reminds me of Pizza-Pizza. ( Bcak in the day the Pizza Pizza signs used to be slanted like that.

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