Magazine redesign

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Your critique please.
One page only so far.

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The picture at the top is too croped too much. Everything else looks passable

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The lines aren't aligned to a baseline grid?! In the right columne, after the empty line, the lines become slightly higher.

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Also I don't understand why the caption of the lead picture is using a different style than the caption of the in-text picture, and why the in-text picture needs a thin black frame (and why this frame doesn't include the bottom side adjacent to the caption block).

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I second all points taken by henrypijames and chiefdzp,
and there are many more questions that comes to mind in this layout IMO:
- Why have you used 2 different blues in title, captions and lead (intro)? They are quite similar yet different (1) C=100 M=Y Y=0 K=0 (2) C=70 M=20 Y=0 K=24? Keep one color.
- Why there are 4 typefaces used - I think its too much for such project. Get rid at least of Trajan - it doesn't match to anything in there.
- Lead(intro) is too weak, shouldn't be aligned to center, it would be better if it wasn't set in small caps and its width would be better if set to equal 2 colums.
- Subhead ("Obećana i specijalizirana kirurgija") is too weak.
- I wouldn't indent first line after subheads and in the beginning of the article.
- Consider using a drop cap in the beginning.
- Margins are too small, especially inside one might cause the text in inside column extreme fall into the spine.
- The layout lacks any idea behind it.
- Some paragraphs in body are set aligned to center?
- I would suggest you to align body justify, and all other elements to the left (ragged)
- I've got impression the leading of the title is too large in comparison to other elements.

I would suggest you to start again from scratch - answering some questions on that layout: eg. who would be a reader of it, should the magazine look modern, aggressive or maybe calm and balanced, etc. If you find your answers look through magazines similar to your needs, you'll find out how other designers solved their problems - it might help you,

good luck,

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I agree with everything Antoni's said -- except dropped cap, which I think modern page layout can go without just fine.

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