Redesign of an old Greek newspaper typeface

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This is the digitised and redesigned version of the historical Greek newspaper Estia.
The original typeface was only available in printed form and was taken from newspaper sheets kept in archive. The newspapers printing method at that time was linotype.
I scanned the letters one by one, retouched them by hand firstly, then digitised them using ScanFont and at last edit them with FontLab.
This was done for my MA project in the Masters department of Vakalo School of Art and Design, Athens, Greece. My proffesor during this project was Hector Haralambous.
Please give me some feedback on the result.
Thank you
Sergios Hatzinikolas

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You've done a very nice job.

The only thing is that you should work more on your strokes weight consistency. Letters such as χ (chi), ψ (psi), ν (nu), γ (gamma), τ (tau), λ (lambda), ι (iota), υ (upsilon), ω (omega) seem quite thin to me (compared to the rest). Υou should work more on both the spacing and the kerning of the typeface too (eg. Γε and Συ look weird). Finally, check on the stroke weight relations between your uppercase and lowercase letters.

Congratulations once again.
Please, upload the final version as well.

George Triantafyllakos -

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I think that capitals are too heavy. Of lowers to light...

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