Glyph ID and the cmap table

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I have a query on how the cmap table works with glyph ID which I'm hoping somebody can shed some light upon:

Are glyph ID number font specific, or encoding specific?

For example, I have a font which I am working on and the 'ydiresis' glyph has a glyph ID '203'. I checked this against the Georgia font on my operating system, and here the 'ydiresis' glyph has a glyph ID '185'.

As long as the cmap table is correctly defined, would this function properly on older apps/os, or do glyph ID's have to conform to an encoding (and then this has to be specified in the cmap table)?

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It's ok, I've found out the answer to my question now.

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The glyph id is just a sequential number of the glyph inside of a particular font. If two different fonts have different glyph repertoires, they will have different glyphs ids as well.


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