Malaga and other options

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Has anyone worked with Malaga? I am considering using it as body copy and display type in a magazine design.

Also looking for a sans (needs to be very versatile) and another display face that would work well together. I was thinking of FF Bau for the sans (not totally sold on this yet, maybe Verlag?) and maybe Omnes as a secondary display for upfront sections (although not really looking for a rounded sans, yet I LOVE this one).

The magazine is a lifestyle/consumer stand alone issue for condo/loft owners. I would like it to be hip, young, bold and graphic yet still very elegant and high-end... but friendly, approachable. Kinda like Metropolis meets Blueprint.

Would love to hear some suggestions.

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As far as i can evaluate from screen Vista Sans is the sans equivalent to Malaga. If you need a sans with a lot of similarities that can work in the same line of text …

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Thanks, I love Vista sans, I've used it in a few projects. I am looking for something with more contrast to Malaga (if I use it). Maybe Seravek?

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I think I've solved my own problem, going to run with the entire Leitura type system (as suggested from a friend).

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