WIRED magazine's sans-serif headline/deck

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Sorry, I am new, and was curious to the foundry or font of Wired's sans-serif headline and deck fonts. They also seem to use several different body fonts.. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

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WIRED has used Akzidenz Grotesk (or Grotesque) extensively, though there are
plenty of display fonts mixed in for feature heds.


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Thanks BJ. Sorry Stephen, will do next time.

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Although Wired does use Akzidenz Grotesk for heads and decks, most body copy is set in Univers or Univers Condensed.

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That's what I guessed Max, but they use serif fonts sometimes for special features.

For example (will post scan later): In the April issue, there is an article by Joshua Davis on the hologram that can bring peace to a hotly contested area of the Holy Land in the middle east. It is set entirely in a heavy serif.

Thanks for the responses again.

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Scans or photos are vital.

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