Heart and Torch -- Rick Griffin

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I went to see the Rick Griffin exhibit at the Laguna Art Museum this weekend; it was amazing to see the texture and detail of the originals. And how does he get that light in the water? The exhibit was supposed to close Sunday, September 30, but the catalog and a limited edition poster are still available from the museum shop. The museum shop also has a variety of Griffin posters that aren't shown on the website.

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Wish I coulda gone... Have been a big fan of his artwork since purchasing this book when I was at University...

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This website (not connected with the museum) has images of much of the material that was exhibited.


Carl Rohrs, who did a presentation on Griffin at TypeCon2004, lectured at the museum on Griffin's typography. I might try to contact Mr. Rohrs to see if any of his presentation is available. Any chance he hangs out here?

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Thanks for the news and the links Gus. I'm a big admirer of Griffin's lettering, very trippy :^)

j a m e s

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Gus, message me privately with your contact info (phone and email). Carl doesn't hang out here, and I know he's been traveling lately. I can send him a message with your info and ask if he wouldn't mind getting in touch about the wonderful Mr. Griffin.

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