Systematic typedesigns for display

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Hi folks,

I’m a student at the designschool in Copenhagen and I’m doing a assignment on types.

What I want to do is draw a typeface build from element as you see in the img. The idea is based on different elements like corners which I can copy/paiste and hereby quickly create a new type-expression. The basic idea is inspired by things created in the Bauhaus periods and other who work systematic and so on...

I’m curious to hear what other typedesigners have of comments and if there is anything I should look into - while doing this type, that could help me in skipping steps (due to I’m new in typedesigning).

Hope to from all of you designere.

Have great day.

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You should take a look at United by Tal Leming.
It might help you.


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thx - i'll try that...

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I did a project called "Alphabet Soup" exactly like this in 2001. It assembles letters from basic components, and uses a grammar to generate many variations and letter-like shapes.


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