(x) Ultra-fat seventies style Didone "Chop Shop" - Stilla {Yves}

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Doesn't have to be this exact face, and there's obviously been some work done to the characters, but if anyone's got a similar font to this I'd be most grateful! It needs the funky twist to the letters, like the big drop endings to the cap serifs, so the simple black-poster fonts I've been trying (Fenice, Bodoni, Didot etc) won't cut it I'm afraid.

Thanks! Chris

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That's the funkalicious Stilla.

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It certainly is, spot on. Most obliged!

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Ha! I had just discovered this very one last week:

Now I know its name … thanks Yves. Great ‘w’, strangest ‘F’ ever …

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Hi everyone,

Until a few months ago, there was a ladies' strip club in the remnants of Boston's Combat Zone called The Glass Slipper which used Stilla on its outside sign. I wish I'd taken a picture of it, because it seemed so very appropriate to the venue... The building it was in, got demolished and they moved across the street; now the sign is done in Zapfino, ALL CAPS! =:-o

John the Fontaholic
(who never stepped inside the place, just observed its typography from the outside!)

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I just bought Stilla from Fontshop and the purchase went through so fast. That is the fastest shopping cart I have ever used!

(Just had to share) :-)


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I am so pleased to hear that, Sharon. We try to bring most of the choices right up front in the browsing process so you don't have to do too much when you checkout.

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