(x) Institutional Investor magazine nameplate - Carousel {Jan E}

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Hi, Just wondering what font is this.
I'm think is kind of Bodoni, but couldn't find it exactly.


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Wow. I never would have thought of using that typeface for that type of magazine. Definitely not Bodoni.

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That’s Carousel, squooshed a bit.


I promised I’d tell you (eh, yesterday in some other thread that I can’t find any more).

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The way they combine Carousel with Avant Garde (and Lubalin Graph on the international edition) gives the covers a nice late-'60s, early-'70s feel.

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Wow. Thanks for your help Jan.
Yesterday I posted my comment the first place I could ( I am a beginner in this site).

Thanks guys.
And I agree, the way they combined the fonts is great.

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> (...) (eh, yesterday in some other thread that I can’t find any more).


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Yves. Did you delete that thread? It’s gone. Topic was brands and corporate fonts.

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Naw, just the comment, but because it was an old thread it jumped back in time to its last comment. You'll have to trawl back a good number of pages before you'll find it.

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