(x) Chanel logo - custom designed {Mike Y}

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Hi guys,

sorry that I am too lazy to do a scan, yet, I guess the answer by the experts is near anyhow.
The typeface of the Chanel logo.

1) Who did design it? Is it known?

2) On what character is it based?

3) Is it available in any form? (not that I want to have it)


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This has been discussed before, and identified as Custom. Here was the most recent thread I found using Google. I don't know whether the designer was ever identified -- presumably Chanel has an art department that could have done this many, many years ago (pre-digital era).

- Mike Yanega

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I read somewhere that Coco Chanel designed the logo herself in 1925 (which is most probably only true for the mark). But the logotype is just as old.

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Thought it was something like that.
The font infact is nice for the low A bar and other details.


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Funny, the current (No. 65, Autumn 07) issue of Eye magazine discusses this very logo along with other fashion typography, but no designer is credited.

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Hi Stephen,

thanks for the very interesting point.
I will go and try to find that magazine round here.


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