(x) Casual squarish display slab - Black Casual (Block Party) {Randy Jones, Mike F}

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Any ideas on where I can source a cut of this retro display face would be much appreciated.



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your image is missing James

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Check Block Party at Veer.
Not an exact match but the same idea.


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These letters are modifications of what was originally (predigitally) called Black Casual according to one of my references. Digitally, the best version by far is Jason Walcott's Block Party - which is pretty faithful to the original.

An intentionally rough, freehand version was created by Manfred Klein a couple of years ago. He called it Egyptian Freehand.

Another (unintentionally) rough version is Ronald Sansone's Dark One.

Edit: Rats ... 3 minutes late. Nice catch, Randy.

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Thank you both for bringing my obsessive search to an end!


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