Alternative to Papyrus typeface

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I'm currently working on a project in the natural health industry. My client is really in love with the font Papyrus. I'm hesitant to use this typeface because I feel like it has been overused in this industry. Can anyone think of any alternatives that share a similiar essence of this font?


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trust your instincts.

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Send them here, unless they don't understand irony, in which case pray that they never see this site:

I Heart Papyrus

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Tempus, but not great.

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Peanut or Peanut Sans

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Check out some of Scriptorium's faces (many are available as working demoware):

Veer also has some wonderful distressed semi-scripts:

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I was was able to persuade them away from it... Thanks for the the link to I Heart Papyrus. It helped my case.

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