Fonts inbetween serif and sans serif

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hi. i'm looking for good inbetween serif and sans serif fonts? any ideas? something like californian sans i'm thinking..


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Hm. Ocean Sans?
You probably considered and rejected Optima.

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How about Otl Aicher's Rotis? It includes semi-sans and semi-serif weights.

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I am a huge fan of the underrated Alinea Incise
Penumbra Flare for titling.

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Areplos would be worth a look.

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FF Angie (

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In the type shop we use to refer to these as Nipple Fonts

Friz Quadrata, Novarese, Laudatio, Quorum, Newtext are the ones I remember off the top of my head.
Then of course there is always Rotis Semiserif...

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Magma or Basalt, depending on your needs.

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If it not too immodest to suggest: Beorcana.

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I really like Baker Signet, but have never found it in families.

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There are three distinct categories here.

1. Nipple fonts.
2. Semi- and someserif- fonts.
3. Flared stroke fonts. But really, a category of sans -- very little to do with serifs.

I've done a couple of nipple fonts (thanks for the term Jackie, which I will now find impossible to forget!) -- Paradigm and Beaufort (upper), both with fairly low contrast, but a different approach to the quality of nipple. And the some-serifed Morphica (lower), which is in between sans, serif, and several other things as well.

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You are quite welcome Nick. You would have had a lot of fun around my shop - the guys sure did!

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wicked. thanks for your help. will check out all your suggestions.

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"....californian sans.."


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californian sans is the one ive gone with.

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Couldn't find that one in your specimen book David -- only available in the UK?

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Is iiod talking about California Sans?

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How about OurType Versa by Peter Verheul
or, Eva by Merel Matzinger ?

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