Batch font conversion script for Fontlab?

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Has anyone come across a batch font conversion script for Fontlab? I have about 200 fonts in pfb/afm format that I need to convert over to a format OS X can handle.

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That's easy, without any script:
1. Choose "Tools" / "Action Set".
2. Set "Apply action set to" to "Fonts in the Fonts List".
3. Click on "..."
4. Click on "+" and choose all your .pfb fonts.
5. Set "Destination format" to "OpenType PS (.otf)".
6. Choose a destination folder.
7. Click on "OK", then "Run".


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Thanks as always, Adam.

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I’m getting the following error with all of the conversions:

[WARNING] The feature file OS/2 overrides TypoAscender and TypoDescender do not sum to the font bbox size!

Is that a serious problem?

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it's not an error, it's a warning.

It is not crucial -- inconsistent linespacing between Mac and Windows may be a result. However, fixing it would require manual editing of the linespacing values (Ascender, Descender).


Yehan's picture is that good or bad? If I only use one platform(MAC) then it's fine right?

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