Geometric sans with small caps - suggestions?

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I need to find a fresh but classy geometric (or "semi-geometric") sans with small caps for a project. Any good suggestions?

No regular upper/lowercase needed, just small caps.

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Bryant is too round and Futura is too, well, Futura...

I wish there were some way to test drive the small caps of Proxima Nova and Tangent.

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You can see more of Proxima Nova's small caps in Mark Simonson's PDF (2.2MB)

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Hypatia Sans is a freebie if you buy and register Adobe CS3.

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Although not strictly a geometric face, especially in lowercase, the small caps of Bliss are, at least, semi-geometric.


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Send me some copy and I'll set it for you in Tangent small caps


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IDK semi-geometric, but maybe Apex New?

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