Memories of Summer, part one

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I spent some time with my in-laws in England this Summer. As usual, I was on the lookout for interesting signs and type

These gems were found in the pantry

This bread bin is at least 50 years old. I think the type treatment is quite modern, or is it?

I believe this little bottle is about half a century old, too

The old street signs are interesting, too

Note the pointing hand!

a close up


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Lovely. But something tells me that bottle predates the 1950s.

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Great shots! I especially like the 2-part "To Spring" "Gardens Lane" sign.


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Thank you!

The bottle apparently came from my mother-in-law's childhood village, judging by the address on the lable. She's over 70 now, perhaps she took the old bottle with her when she got married?

Funny thing about the Spring Gardens Lane is, that as far as I know, that route doesn't work anymore. The house the sign is on is ancient, one of the oldest in the area.

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I love the ST mark in that street sign.

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