Daughter's travel soccer logo

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Here are two ideas for my daughter's new travel soccer team logo.
The logo is two be used on promotional items and t-shirts, warmups, etc.

The League Colors are Black, White and Gold although the team coaches have suggested we try the more colorful and playful patriotic red white and blue. Any critiques please. Thanks again.

Sorry for the size of the red, white and blue logo. Not sure how to adjust.

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I like both; I find the first to be more "aggressive" (in the positive sense of the term) while the second is more elegant but a bit anonymous.


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The first one has way too much going on and I don't really get the use of the pen and ink handwriting font set with borders and drop shadows. Maybe try the same theme but use an actual script face more suited to sports emblems.

The second one is quite nice, though not sure how 'athletic' it is.

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Thanks for all your comments.

The font used on "Liberty" was to convey the writing similar to what was used during the Revolutionary Era and the signing of the Declaration of Independence. I agree, though, that is not commonly used in Sports - but is that necessarily bad? The colors that I used intentionally represent the uniform colors of black white and gold.

The second attempt is more patriotic and blatant with the red, white and blue and flag theme. The graphic comes from a tracing of a flag soccer ball photo.

Enjoying the feedback. Keep it coming please.

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"I agree, though, that is not commonly used in Sports - but is that necessarily bad?"

No, but 1700-era ink writing glammed up with sporty drop shadows and outlines just seems very contradictory. Those two styles just don't seen to mesh that well.

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you might be able to use the statue of liberty torch with the i of liberty. I would go for a feminine font (girls team) e.g with contrast which will also match in with the heritage of the name. You could do the logo within a shield or cup or ball shape, although i prefer shield. Look at all the words in caps as it will add structure a solidness something you associate with football. Use colour to make it expressive. The logos you have are ok, the second one is much nicer than the first. I could associate the first one with a team called tigers at a push, it doesn't say football or liberty and font isn't nice. The second one is better but doesn't say anything to me.

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how about a soccer ball bouncing of the liberty bell?

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The second looks more like a vollyball to me.

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Could you maybe arrange the stars in a geometric pattern to mimmic the panels of a soccer ball on a field of blue and red?

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I added the Statue of Liberty. It's progressing.

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that last one is better (though it's HUGE...maybe resize a bit before uploading).

The statue of liberty is a bit much...doesn't seem necessary to me.

Can you tell us a bit more about the name Liberty? Why are they called that? What's the history behind that?

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Going with the second design was a smart move. Lose the Statue of Liberty—it’s starting too look like a parody of the Fox News in-house soccer team. It’s also just not a remotely appropriate way to treat an important symbl (not that putting a flag on a soccer ball is much better, but people are used to tacky degradation of hallowed symbols when a
said symbols are flags). Don’t draw the flag to look distorted, it looks unnatural, instead draw it flat and wrap it around a 3D sphere.

Regarding your type, I would recommend not using a serif type, but if you must, go with a simple slab serif. It’s more sporty and more appropriate for the age of the players. Gotham Rounded would be a great sans type to use, Memphis would be a great slab serif that has a great combination of American and European elements that make it especially appropriate for a soccer team.

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I guessing your from New York and hence why you have called the team liberty. I think using some of the statue of liberty is a good idea, get it interacting with the type. Maybe just use the flame this gives the idea without the degradation that James is talking about. I wouldn't use the flag as I think it doesn't say local it says global, nor does it say liberty. Listen to the guys above as they know more about type and what to use. I'm not getting any feminism from it though. Simplicity is the key, drop what isn't essential. I love Football/soccer, hope you enjoy watching it!

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How about lady liberty in shorts and soccer pads? ;o)

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Believe it or not, I played with the idea of Lady Liberty in Shorts and soccer pads. I also thought of adding the liberty crown to a soccer ball.

The team of under-12 year old girls adopted the name from a league assigned name which also included the Eagles. It is a New York team and the coach, a NYC Fireman, wanted to add the Statue of Liberty in some context.

The girls are a lot of fun to watch and are having a ball (no pun intended). Thanks again for all your input.

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You should put Nixon's face on the ball. Then we "will" have Dick Nixon to kick around.

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oh! Statue of Liberty wearing a sports-bra. Iconic symbols of both liberty and women's soccer! ;0)

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From a practical point of view, what is the logo to be used on and how will it be applied, it seems to me that if it is on the team strip the type will be small, possibly too small to embroider, you might want to drop travel soccer from the logo (what is travel soccer anyway?); and shift liberty to the bottom you can then get a better proportion of text to image, while Copperplate does follow a curve quite well it is a broad face, for reasons of proportion you might want to consider something narrower. In terms of the image it should either be really well executed or dropped in favour of a simpler rendition at the moment there is too much of a clipart feel to it. My personal feeling is that a team logo shouldn’t need a rendition of the sport.


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maybe you should keep your fantasies to a selective few, if you like kinky good for you. Or was that sarcastic wit ;0)

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