Which two?

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I'm in typography 1 and my first assignment is to make 2 compositions using akzidenz grotesk bold. Can't alter proportions or use lines or anything. 8x8". We were given a list of words. I made three.. but I don't know which 2 to choose/work on for crit.

Advice/criticism appreciated!




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I'm liking "Fear" and "Compression".
You might even exaggerate the size in Fear a bit more. (Nice treatment, btw.)

I like what you've done with Compression, but keep playing around with that one. I think you might stumble upon something even more clever in there. You're going down the right path. Looking good.

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Thanks, I think I'm leaning towards those to as well now that I've had a chance to step away and come back to 'em.
Agreed about compression--too easy so far.

Good thing this homework is fun!

Thank you for your comments. :)

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like it ;)

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