"Targets" wide very bold grotesque

steviebaby's picture

Looks like Swiss 721 Black Extended but the R and G are different.

Lex Kominek's picture

It's almost Arial-like, but I'm assuming it's older than that.

- Lex

akira1975's picture

reminds me of Annonce except the ‘G’.

Stephen Coles's picture

What's the origin of this image? If it's Condierge magazine then it's Vonness.

steviebaby's picture

It's a frame garb from the title sequence of "Targets" (1968) starring Boris Karloff. I'm suspecting it's an alternate version of Swiss 721 Black Extended - except, as I said, for the R & G.

Bald Condensed's picture

1968? That rules out Swiss 721 Black Extended completely, as this is Bitstream's digital version of Helvetica and Bitstream didn't even exist back then. This indeed matches Annonce Gothic -- except for the G of course. Berthold Venus has a similar spurless G, but some other key characteristics like the angled finials don't match.

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