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Just interested to hear feed back on this identity, it's not where I want it to be yet but Iam trying to communicate swiss common lines of continuity with a taste of my style. is the link for the logo in action

logo for website

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No harsh feelings, but I see nothing in this...sorry for that. Too "everyday" face used for J & M, too obvious treatment on M, and the handwriting below...I think the capital J & M could be joined in some way in a more creative fashion.

My 1 cent (adjusted for inflation)

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With the handscript, are you going for the Jerry Maguire approach to design?

I have the most problems relating the JM mark to the "Jerry Maguire" font.

It's corporate vs. everyman right now.

Unoriginal? I'm concerned about unpersonal. It doesn't tell me anything about you.

Keep going,


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I too am a student, and the way I see it, a logo for myself is not a great idea. If you are going to have a firm or something of your own, then I would name it, and give it a mark of some kind. Since I see this as something for your portfolio, and you may be trying to show your portfolio for the purpose of getting a job, I would stick to a type system. Create a hierarchy of typeface, weight, size, etc., and carry it throughout your materials. This shows you as an individual, and someone who knows what is goin on. If you have a mark, it looks like you're a firm.

whichever you are going for is fine, but I think a clear distinction needs to be made.

And yeah, I agree that you should push it. You mention Swiss somethingorother, maybe look for an expressive USE of a typeface, rather than script.


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and another double post, puts me over my limit. I just get so excited when I post on typophile!


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I have to agree, I see very little merit in this.

Sorry :-(


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kill the drop shadows - they don't belong in any identity

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and don't use a gradient either. Try working with positive and negitive spaces. Right now its rather static.

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I think we may have hurt his feelings. :-(

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Sorry Joe, nothing personal we just want the best for you. Your best friends can be you harshest critics.

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Hey guys I just wanted to say thankyou for the critique over a year ago it actually lead me to find the TYPOGRAPHIC solution I needed. Harsh critiques spawn restrategizing. JII is my simple logo now,

The reasoning for the logo.. Joseph Thomas Maguire III JTM III JII...
I have a strong family line 20th most noble last name from Ireland. I am the the third, My last name begins with an M and first letter starts with a J. It's all of me, its encompassing and its simple. I found it through alot of sketching, and playing. and I am very happy with how it came out. You can see it in action along with my family coat of arms on my website at

Thanks to all who critiqued!

Joseph Maguire III
Communications Designer

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Excellent solution. Proof that perserverence in design can pay off (when you have the time).

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Joe - You have arrived at an elegant, appropriate, conceptual gestalt. I commend your diligence. Your mark speaks both to sophisticated corporate clients and youth culture. I remember when you first started this thread. Nice work. // Ty

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NIce work Joe, It is indeed elegant and works well, I might have tweaked it differently, good but indeed.

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Yea, Now this is what I would call a perfect logo 'evolution'. :)
Very nice. From 'Dropshadowedseenitbefore' to 'Elegantandclassy'.
( Oh, And the 'JTM / III / JII / JM' solution / explanation is i ingenious, as well. :)
Well, Congratulations on your new mark, then.


Edit-A-Bit: A likeable site, featuring some quality works, you got there, I just noticed. :)

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I was always told you would only be considered a III if both your father and grandfather were/are both still living. You move up the chain as each one would pass on.

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Joe, your new version is amazing! Great job.

I know it's probably too late, but I can't help it: I would have a small gap at the bottom of the two "I"s on the right - makes it more of an "m", without taking too much away from the "III".


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Beautiful and elegant solution. It works well in color also. Congrats! The perseverance definitely paid off.

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i;m liking it a lot more now :D

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