fonts with numbers on a different "position"

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this time i'm searching fonts where the numbers are on a different "position" - like here it is: 0123456789

do you know some?


btw: how is this "effect" called?

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Its called tabular oldstyle and are available in almost all the body types.

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Nice, isn't it? If there's a specific use or even just a look you've got in mind, the folks here would be most helpful in pointing you toward more of what you want. There are several.

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thanks for the information! :)

so please let me know what's your favourite "text figures (lowercase figures / oldstyle figures)" serif font!
i would like to use one on a church logo & print stuff.


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That is a hard {"favorite" to come up with. Almost all oldstyle serif font (from a good foundary) comes with nice OS figures, and most have small caps as well. Jenson, Garamonds (other than ITC), Goudy Old Style, Palatino, etc., are all nice.

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