Type Supply News - September 2007

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Hello Typophile,

I have a few announcements to make...

I have decided to open source a bunch of code that I have written for various type development tools. You can learn more at code.typesupply.com You might find the FontLab Scripts and the FeatureProof application to be particularly useful.

In other news, I launched a new Type Supply website at typesupply.com and started a blog at talleming.com.

That's all for now. Have fun!

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Tal, this is awesome! I'm going to dive into the FeatureProof app.

Thank you,

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I'm drooling as I type this. Thanks, Tal!

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wow, this is a big thing - thanks!

have you considered setting up a mailing list? would make it easier to exchange help with the first steps...

- gustavo.

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Tal, thanks! these tools are terrific!

(Gustavo: there's nothing keeping you from reading and experimenting with the code?)

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are the fontlab scripts supposed to work with FL 4.6? i tried to use UFOCentral.py and SpacingCentral.py, but both make FL4.6 (macosx) crash.

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Great News!!!


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are the fontlab scripts supposed to work with FL 4.6?

Honestly, I have no idea. I haven't used Python in FL 4.6 in a long time. They work in FL 5 on my Mac.

If you figure out what causes the crash, please let me know and I'll tweak the scripts.

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Holy crap! Some great tools! Thanks for sharing, Tal!

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Hi Tal!

Thank you so much for releasing these small tools as free software!

There are two areas of your svn that do not have the MIT/X11 license though - http://code.typesupply.com/browser/applications/FeatureProof/trunk & http://code.typesupply.com/browser/applicationScripts/FontLab - and although ""THIS SCRIPT IS SUPPLIED AS IS. NO WARRANTEES. NO GUARANTEES. NO QUESTIONS." has a certain sense of humour to it, it is non-free :-)

I hope you can spare a couple of minutes to update the license of the code in these directories :-)

Thanks again,


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