Wanted: Chiseled but Elegant

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I am looking for a typeface that is inspired by traditional Mexico that has the elegance of a Bodoni with the angles of a Latin. Any suggestions?

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I'm really bullish on Oneleigh but haven't found a use for it yet. Maybe has more character than you want tho.


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Try Eduardo Manso’s Bohemia. I wouldn’t say that it’s “traditional Mexico” per se, but it is Latin in flavor.

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Traditional Mexico?... Patzcuaro

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I'm glad someone brought this up because there are some serious HOT FONTS coming from Mexico and other latin countries. Although not a requirement, I would start with fonts designed by actually Latin people. There aren't a lot of Mexican typographic traditions per se, so naturally these fonts are cutting edge to many of us!

Seemingly focused on literary types. Rayuela=beauty!

I think I love everything coming from the guy! Mexica says it all. Artifex is wonderful too. His custom designed types for El Economista really conveys the "super-ellipse" theme prevalent in Mexican design.

I ditto Bohemia, by Argentian Edurdo Manso. I own it. I love it. And it is certainly elegant like a Bodoni. The Bold is scrumptious as is the rest of the family. I'm in the process of working with it now. Relato and Relato Sans might also be of interest to you too.

Funny Patzcuaro is mentioned. I'm of the opinion that many of Storms' types have a rustic wrought quality seen in Mexican type.


See Patzcuaro in action: http://www.lospoblanos.com/ Super beautiful!

Galliard and Mantina are also very Spanish. Even Sophia could work.

Ruben Fontana just released some fonts through FontShop- very chiseled.



But on the other side of the world there is a very special text system by Portuguese designer, Ricardo Santos- not chiseled but lovely.


I suggest you browse Luc Devroye page and check out what's happening in the Mexican font scene.



I hope you find what you are looking for,

Mike Diaz :-)

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Zingha very chiseled but not Mexican. French is latin though. :-)


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Great list, Mike. I'm saving this thread.


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You didn't say if you were looking for a text face or a display face.

There are some Latin faces out there that are strictly display - and fun to use. Hmmmm, oh, like House Industries Latino family.

On the other hand, forget it - they aren't elegant - just fun!

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Thanks for all of the suggestions. I guess the problem initially was that I was checking places like pampatype and Gabriel Martínez Meave's work, and it didn't have the contrast and elegance I was looking for. I think I have some new directions to try out. Thanks again.

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Ssh, I would also try to email IIñigo Jerez and see if you can buy his gorgeous faces. Have done it earlier this year and mid-last year and he said that they’re going to be released “in the future”—better check on what “future” means ;-)

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Funny, I emailed Textaxis March last year and got the same response. I would pay (just about) any price for Quixote and Batin!


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I emailed him in April last year and July this year, and even got the same wording on the responses. And yes, I would do, too!

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