Explaination of catagories

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Just visited myfonts as many times before. They catagorize the fonts allright, but I realised that I really do not know the exact meaning of:



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On the articles & courses & interviews page of this site is a link to Type Styles 101, by Jonathon Hoefler, which will answer a few of these questions. :-)


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OK Alyce, spell the man's name right!!

Jonathan Hoefler, my sincere apologies.

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You might also be interested in an article written by Catherine Dixon on the topic of typeface classification. You can find her article on the St. Bride's site, here. Ms. Dixon spearheaded the program to catalog the archives at Central Saint Martin's College.

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Almost forgot to mention Vox -- it is a PDF, but small.

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Sorry to dredge up an old thread, but thanks to alyce and Miss Tiffany for the pointers. As a newbie in the world of typefaces and type styles, this is extremely handy stuff.

Oh, and the link to Type Styles 101 is now at http://typophile.com/courses/type101 but you all probably knew that already...

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