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I have noticed that casual visitors to this site who come seeking the whereabouts of free fonts are generally rather coolly received. And, on occasions when the enquirer's naïveté and excessive fontlust is apparent, some forum members have felt compelled to lecture these cheapskates on the errors of their ways. It may well be that such exercises are gratifying for those delivering the lectures, but I really doubt they have much effect on the people receiving the lectures. On the other hand...

A few days ago while web-browsing, I saw an ad for freefontlibrary.net, which promised thousands upon thousands of freebies. Idly curious, I clicked. The welcome page informed me that, in order to gain access to the goodies I sought, I would be obliged to complete a "brief" survey. After providing an email address (an old account I seldom use) and a lot of bogus personal information, I waded into what turned out to be page after page (I stopped counting after 25) of sign-up offers for "free" giveaways of one kind or another. The first eight pages or so, you could simply skip the offer to get to the next page; however, some pages which featured multiple offers would not let you advance until you clicked at least one of the offers. The bottom line is, after 20 minutes or so of furious clicking, I finally got to the end of the maze, only to find that the treasure trove was merely a laundry list of links to OTHER websites where free fonts could be found. I had to laugh...

So, I'm thinking, rather than lectures, maybe the next free-font seeker should be given a link...to freefontlibrary.net. Or not.

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Evil Nick, but I like it - you thought gave me a laugh.

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Do unto others...

There was a time when I didn't know the issues involved, and might have been one of those dropping in. A better approach than malicious intent on innocents (which can come back to bite you) would be a calm and rational explanation.

If people don't respond to logic, then at least you tried, but beyond that remember that because of Google, people will be seeing your response for a long time. Your patience could have the effect of convincing someone else down the road of respecting the rights of designers. It was someone like this who responded to something in a newsgroup that 'converted' me.

One Typophiler got a bad reputation for suggesting giving people corrupt fonts, and some people I know who spend a lot of money on fonts will never again buy any of his fonts because of it.

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I think that it would be better to just repost Tamye Riggs piece for How magazine about Free Fonts. Or even better, create an online repository of font production drawings, notes, videos of font designers at work, and so on, so that people might get it through their heads that good fonts take a tremendous amount of time and thought to produce. It seems like many people want free fonts not because they’re on a tight budget, but because they’re cheap and/or ignorant and see font designers as evil corporations gouging people for tiny computer programs. Enlightening them with a simple link is probably a good idea.

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