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I'm trying to create a new logo for a small Volunteer Services department at a university. They want something simple, clean, and somewhat "tech"-y since their tagline at the moment is Wired for Service. Any suggestions for improvement/comments/etc. would be much appreciated.

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Can't see your logo, Beth.


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Hmm... not sure what the problem could be. I used the upload feature embedded in the site, and it's showing up for me. Anybody ever run across problems with their system before? If so, know a good workaround? Can *anybody* but me see it? heh
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It’s probably in cmyk, I can see it, but I don’t understand what the department does or why it is wired for service.


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Please upload your image in RGB format.

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If this is a department of a larger University, does it make sense, from the University's brand perspective, to have a completely unique logo?

I suppose that's the big picture.

If we want to focus on the smaller bits, then I would have "Volunteer" and "Services" in the same cap style – either all upper & lowercase, or all caps, but not both. None of these logos carry much of a sense of warmth, which would seem appropriate for a volunteer organization. The tagline should provide additional sense about the group, not simply echo the logo (and vice versa).

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Can't see any logo .... ?

I feel left out.

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Me too. :-)

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Beth, hope you don’t mind this, it needs to be rgb to show on some browsers/computers.


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It's a bit weird to put "SERVICE" in all-caps bold, normally "Volunteer" -- if anything -- should get more emphasis.

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The marks on the left side look very generic and almost as if little thought was put into their meaning. The top-right looks better suited to a television station or monitor company. I agree with Henry that "SERVICES" should not be set in all-caps.

I'd rethink the mark, maybe incorporating a wire of some sort into the design. What about the university's regular logo but drawn loosely with a squiggly line to represent the wire?

- Lex

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Why 'wired for service'? Is it because they are fully internet based?

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